5 Tips To Staying Healthy This Flu Season

5 Tips To Staying Healthy This Flu Season

It’s Flu Season. This time of year, we are leaving winter and going straight into spring. With spring comes allergies and the common flu! With a few simple tips to avoid winter sicknesses you can be on the road to a healthy sunny spring:

  • Get the Flu Shot:  With various strains of the flu currently floating around it is difficult to protect yourself from every variation of the virus but the vaccination provide protection against the newest strains of the flu.

  • Reduce Stress: the immune system is found to be less responsive under high levels of stress so relax!

  • Get a Good Nights Sleep: much like stress, the immune system is found to be less responsive with lack of proper rest.

  • Use Tissues and Paper Towels- Avoid reusable washcloths and cloth handkerchiefs to prevent the spread of infection. 

  •  Avoid Contact with Your Face: By touching your face you are putting the virus directly into your system through your facial orifices.

We are at the peak of the flu season and with that we need to protect ourselves against the virus. Through the use of precautionary measures listed above and vitamins and herbal supplements such as the Biolife Plus Supreme, Alfa Plus Greens. All products and more for your every day wellbeing are offered at http://www.biolifenow.com/

As we are also in the middle of a pandemic, please make sure to sanitize and wear your mask as this also helps stop the spread of the common flu.

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