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About Us

About Us - BioLife Energy Systems

We are proud to serve you exclusive and high-quality nutritional formulations that can help take your health to the optimum level – where it truly belongs! So why trudge through life merely surviving, when you deserve to be thriving?


What we do

BioLife provides organic nutritional supplements to help you stay healthy, boost your energy, and improve your overall well-being. We create our products with natural vegetable glycerin, an excellent component and a positive alternative to alcohol or other harmful preservatives for our liquid extracts. Our production method protects beneficial enzymes, vital nutrients, and plant constituents that we rely on for our daily nutrition! We also use cold-press extraction method to protect these wonderful gifts of nature since heat can destroy these essential compounds.

We all have different health and life goals and our products in BioLife will help you achieve your personal goals while ensuring that your body receives the essential nutrients it needs to respond to your desired lifestyle.


Why we do it

We are committed in providing proper nutrients to your body daily so you can stay healthy and energetic while achieving your goals and enjoying life.

Lifestyle illnesses like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are on the rise in our communities. Most people’s daily diet includes processed food, too much carbohydrates and sugar, unhealthy fats, lack of drinking enough water, and deficiency on proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are essential to keep a healthy and energetic body.

These rising concerns lead us to launch BioLife Energy Systems with the aim to produce health supplements and education on health that will promote awareness on our life choices concerning health, how they affect our day to day living, and how we can change those choices to better our lives and our families lives, too.


How we do it

We pride ourselves on following a careful and meticulous production method to ensure that our products deliver the maximum amount of nutrients. BioLife products are liquid, alcohol-free, cold-processed, and colloidalized. Choosing premium ingredients is not just our best practice, manufacturing and handling make all the difference.


Benefits of our manufacturing method:

Liquid – the body can metabolize and digest liquids quicker and easier than a capsule or tablet. Capsules and tablets can take up to two weeks to start working whereas BioLife Products in liquid form begin working the moment it hits your mouth and within 15 minutes, the results begin.

Alcohol-free – Alcohol is a very popular preservative in liquid products today. It is inexpensive and will keep a product from going bad. However, IT KILLS all the nutrients in a product.

When you take herbs and vitamins in a liquid form that contains or has been processed with alcohol, even if the alcohol has been evaporated off, you are essentially taking a shot of alcohol, the rest of the nutrients are no longer alive.

We use natural vegetable glycerin as a preservative. Natural Vegetable Glycerin is derived from coconuts. It is sweet but it is not sugar and does not register on the glycemic index which means that it is safe for everyone including people with diabetes. It also preserves the shelf life and the nutritional value of other components.

Cold Processed – Heat kills the nutrients in a product. If too much heat is used, it will leave the product without any nutritional value. Basic example, what is better for you raw vegetables or cooked vegetables?

Colloidalized – This basically means that we blend the products until they are broken down into tiny particles. There will still be some larger particles that are equally important. It is like a time-released capsule. The colloidalized particles will be absorbed immediately at a cell level and will no longer go through the digestive process. That is why you can already feel the difference within 15 minutes of taking the BioLife Plus. Moreover, the larger particles will be digested later providing you nutrients all day long.


FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.