Be Healthier With Veggies

Be Healthier With Veggies

Fruits and Veggies Every Day Keep The Doctors Away

 The new food guidelines issued by the government of United States recommend that to keep a healthy body, Americans should eat at least five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Sounds overwhelming, right? It may seem a lot but fitting these health superheroes into your daily diet is much easier than you think – even while hustling your busy lives.

Fruits and vegetables are everywhere, you can find them in most if not all grocery stores. There are also a variety to choose from which means even if you are a picky eater, you’ll surely find one that perfectly matches your taste buds. In addition, they are some of the least expensive yet most nutritious! So, including those five to nine servings in your daily snacks and meals would not really be a problem.


Two Cups Of Fruit And Two And A Half Cups Of Vegetables Daily 

For instance, the recommended daily amount equates to a reasonable two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables every day. Considering the abundance of fruits and vegetables and how affordable they are, reaching this daily goal is easy.

Though healthful and beneficial, eating the same thing every day may become boring. Good thing, fruits and vegetables come in different color, size, shape, texture, and taste.

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is important to choose a variety of different colors. More than the artistic reasons, the different colors indicate various types of nutrients and choosing a variety of colors will help you get all the vitamins and minerals you need daily.


Eat Healthy While Having Fun

Finding new recipes is another great way to ensure you get those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables your body needs regularly. Everyone likes trying out new recipes and it may just add motivation in keeping a healthy regimen while having fun.

New recipes can also provide you the important opportunity to try out some fruits and vegetables you have never tried before. For instance, everyone has eaten oranges, but have you tried kiwi fruit or mangoes? How about spinach or kale? Trying new things is a great way to find new favorites while getting the best nutrition available.


Vitamin Supplements Are Not Substitutes

Many people mistakenly think that taking vitamin supplements can suffice instead of the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables. Eating a plateful of fruits and vegetables provides our bodies hundreds of other elements than the usual micronutrients we get from vitamin pills. While micronutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E are important to maintain a good health, so too are the hundreds of other elements that are contained in healthy food like fruits and vegetables. 

In addition, fruits and vegetables are much less costly than vitamin pills. They are inexpensive, especially when purchased in season and grown locally. 

Challenge yourself to get the five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily and be fueled with nutrients that your body deserves!




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