This Could Kill You!

This Could Kill You!

Blood Pressure

The silent killer that can be stopped!

There are many misconceptions about high blood pressure. In fact, ignorance about the condition can be fatal.

Here are five myths about high blood pressure you can't live without. The good news: you can control your high blood pressure. And perhaps even prevent it altogether…

Five Myths and Facts about High Blood Pressure

  1. It's No Big Deal. 

    "I don't feel bad, so what could go wrong?"

You won't feel any symptoms of high blood pressure until it's too late. But it's no big deal. It'll just lead to organ damage, which is a big deal—especially for your heart and kidneys.

  1. A "little" hypertension is not ideal for your health but it is okay.

    "It's just a few numbers from the normal range, but I'm feeling pretty good."

Normal readings vary with the individual. In general, however, a top number of less than 119 and a bottom number of less than 79 are considered normal. Some people believe that as long as one of these numbers is normal, you're okay.

The real truth is, if either of your blood pressure numbers is above normal, it's time to do something and act fast.


  1. There are no known effective treatments.

    "It'll go away on its own, I'll wait it out."

For many people, high blood pressure feels like an unavoidable fact of life. There are ways to manage your high blood pressure if you follow a sensible plan.


  1. High blood pressure is a long-term condition that cannot be prevented.

    "Everyone in my family has it—and I'm sure that I'll eventually get it, too."

The idea that family history is destiny is dead wrong. Even if everyone in your family has high blood pressure, there is still something you can do about it. Eating a healthy diet, limiting your consumption of salt, and practicing moderation in all things can help you to prevent high blood pressure.

  1. Treatment can be rough.

    "Nothing seems to work and I feel like I'm giving up happiness for nothing."

Most people think that treating high blood pressure requires giving up their favorite foods, exercising like a lunatic, or taking dangerous drugs. You might be surprised to learn that lowering your blood pressure doesn't require drastic changes or a major overhaul of your life.

A natural blood pressure solution that's easy, fun, and takes the stress out of treating your hypertension

If you're like most people, you think that high blood pressure is a big deal. And it is. But guess what? It doesn't have to be!

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