Can Rosemary Help With Low Blood Pressure?

Can Rosemary Help With Low Blood Pressure?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of rosemary maybe a garnish on your favorite dish, however, this gentle yet effective herb has so much more uses than being used as a garnish. Today we will examine why it could be effective for people with low blood pressure, we will also look at what researchers have to say about this versatile herb.

German herbalist Rudolf Weiss presented some interesting ideas on low blood pressure. He describes it as being simply, “an aspect of a more deep seated problem”.  He also believed that people who do not show symptoms of low blood pressure require no treatment. However, this is in no way suggesting that if you think you may have low blood pressure you should not see a medical professional. He theorized that low blood pressure was a product of weak circulation and as such gentle herbs that aid in circulation may be useful. He noted that rosemary has a tonic effect and as such would provide useful support.

He noted that in times of mental or physical stress or after a surgery or any illness that may have weakened the body like the flu, rosemary could be used. He did point out however that the treatment should only be for a limited time. Rosemary is a very diverse herb and has many uses; it has been effectively used to treat headaches, particularly migraines, and also has a calming effect on the stomach. Rosemary contains salicylic acid which is a precursor of aspirin, though in plant form it doesn’t have long term side effects. 

Rosemary is quite excellent for circulation and is often prescribed by herbalists for circulatory issues. The active constituents known as the flavonoids are heart and blood vessel tonic. So apart from low blood pressure (hypotension), rosemary is also suggested for poor circulation, hypertensive headaches, and arrhythmias 

Rosemary can also be used externally for rheumatic problems and it can also be massaged in the heart area. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and preparation has proven effective in treating allergic asthma.  From all the research that has been conducted it’s safe to say that rosemary is effective in treating many maladies 

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