Constipation is a condition relating to the digestive system wherein an individual has difficulty with bowel movements. It may be painful or almost impossible. Sometimes when people start taking new medications, undergo surgery, or change their diets they are not even aware of how this can affect their bowel movements.

Regular bowel movement is vital in order to keep the digestive system in optimal performance and also to avoid hemorrhoids among other things. One of the earliest signs of constipation may be a reduction in regular bowel movements, the individual may also suffer from excruciating stomach pains and cramps and nausea. 

Diagnosing constipation is relatively simple and usually requires a discussion with you, doctor, or medical practitioner. They will note any recent hormonal, dietary, or medical changes. They may also require an examination in order to confirm their diagnosis. Once they have determined the cause constipation can be treated in many ways, including encouraging the patient to drink more water, increase their dietary fiber intake, and also any prescription medication that may be given to alleviate the condition.

Constipation can be a very uncomfortable issue with a number of underlying causes.  If this is a problem you suffer from it’s very important that you speak with your doctor and identify the cause so the best round of corrective treatment can be followed. 

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