Hazelnut Health Benefits

Hazelnut Health Benefits

Hazelnut which in a well-balanced diet is a significant nutritional value that has several important health benefits to protect against diseases. Having a special blend of oil (especially oleic acid-rich oil structure), proteins, carbohydrate, beta-sitosterol, essential vitamins, and minerals, giving hazelnut a special place among other nuts for its unique disease prevention capability. It is understood that eating only 25-30 gr of hazelnuts per day is sufficient to meet daily needs for vitamin E and is a perfect way to protect against heart disease and cancer.

Vitamin E in Hazelnut and Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut and hazelnut oil is the best-known source of vitamin E which is also essential for the body's healthy cardiac muscles and other muscles. It is also necessary for the normal functioning of the reproduction system. Vitamin E prevents red blood cells from disintegrating, and thus acts as a defense against blood loss called anemia. Another value of Vitamin E present in hazelnut is the reduction of the factors forming the basis for cancer disease. If cancer is already formed in the body, then it fights to defuse the harmful cells. Beta-sitosterol, which is found amply in hazelnut, is an essential means of decreasing cholesterol and preventing cancer (breast cancer and prostate cancer). Thus, consuming 25 gr. Hazelnut a day protects the body from heart disease as well as from cancer.

Hazelnut is rich in oil. Indeed 60-70 % of hazelnut consists of oil. This structure not only provides energy for organisms but also maintains body temperature, protects against external factors and helps to transfer the vitamins that melt in the oil. There are a few oil acids in the combination of hazelnut oil which perform important duties for organisms.

Oleic Acid

  • prevents the rise of cholesterol in the blood
  • decreases cholesterol by 26,2%
  • arranges the blood sugar
  • increases the protective Apapratein A-1 for health-vein diseases by 25% 
  • decreases risky Apapratein B by %7,5.

Linoleic Acid

  • Linoleic acid is another beneficial acid in hazelnut oil which can be found heavily in hazelnut oil. 
  • Linoleic acid plays a very important role in organisms growing and developing healthily.

Vitamin Components of Hazelnut

Hazelnut is a good source for B1, B2, and B6 vitamins. These vitamins are essential in blood formation and mental health, especially for those of children in the development age.

The following vitamins can be found in substantial amounts in hazelnut:

  • Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth
  • Iron, which has blood production function.
  • Zinc, which has an important role in the development of sexual hormones.
  • Potassium, which is necessary for the stimulation of the nervous system and the proper functioning of the muscle system.

Hazelnut intake is essential for a healthy life. Consuming just 25 gr of hazelnuts a day can provide perfect protection against many illnesses like cancer and heart disease. According to the results of research, people who consume hazelnuts or hazelnut oil have a 50 percent lower risk of dying from a heart attack compared to those who never consume hazelnuts. It is the most useful nutraceutical element for heart health.

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