Papaya is the King of Fruits

Papaya is the King of Fruits

In the future, the new treatment method for malignant tumors is no longer chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, but changing one's diet to improve the new blood vessels!

Great medical knowledge! A high-quality diet is the natural chemotherapy three times a day. The following information should be taken seriously, it is simple and easy to implement, and it is very good!
What you may not know is: Papaya, which we usually find strange and easy to obtain, is the king of fruits! The tomato that the doctor praised was nothing compared to papaya. Papaya has been selected by WHO (World Health Organization) as the fruit with the highest nutritional value for two consecutive years, that is, the king of fruits!

The nutritional value of papaya is:

1. Calcium: papaya is 2 times that of apples.

2. Vitamin C: papaya is 13 times that of apples, 7 times that of bananas, 7 times that of watermelon, 8 times that of cherries, and 1.3 times that of pineapples.

3. Vitamin A: papaya is 10 times that of kiwi, 18 times that of apple, 1.5 times that of guava, 15 times that of banana, 1.5 times that of watermelon, 15 times that of cherries, and 16 times that of pineapple.

4. Vitamin K: papaya is 5 times that of bananas, 2.5 times that of watermelon, and 4 times that of pineapples.

Great again! related to eye protection...

5. Carotenoids, lycopene, B carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, etc.:
Papaya is 2000 times bigger than kiwi! Kiwis, apples, cherries, pineapples, bananas, guava, none of these ingredients.

The above data source is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2016.
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