The Difference Between HDL Good and LDL Bad Cholesterol

The Difference Between HDL Good and LDL Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a component that our body needs but in moderation. It is found in all cells of the body that is why people need to control all their intakes in the body. Having a high cholesterol level can cause a high risk of coronary heart disease. It is where your coronary arteries become narrows or even blocked. 

There are different types of cholesterol that need to be discussed in order for people to be aware of things that they can control. When we say HDL, it stands for high-density lipoprotein which sometimes called “good” cholesterol. This cholesterol circulates to other parts of the body and will tend to go back to the liver. The liver will work as the filtration of the body. It will filter the cholesterol from your body. On the other hand, LDL which stands for Low-density lipoprotein or sometimes called “bad” cholesterol is one of the main factors why arteries get blocked. LDL is mainly the reason why people tend to end up having a heart attack. 

What causes high bad cholesterol?

One of the reasons for high cholesterol is having an unhealthy lifestyle. People are tempted to ear unhealthy food because it is convenient for them at the same time it tastes good. Without people knowing, eating these kinds of food such as processed food, deep-fried and dairy products can raise their LDL (bad) cholesterol. Everything in moderation is goods. 

People who are busy at work lack of physical activity. They have a high risk of lowering their good cholesterol. Sometimes people give excuses to themselves because of laziness or they are just too tired of work. 

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