The Truth Behind the Lies

The Truth Behind the Lies

Are you a part of the movement of people who take their health seriously? A vast number of people are now seeking ways to consistently improve their health which has led to a major increase in trending hashtags on Instagram such as #FitLife, GymLife, #FitnessGoals, etc., As a result of this, a global community has emerged that supports your health goals with easily accessible information. 

Eating right and exercising are both vital to achieving fitness; however, the use of supplements is an important way to give your body proper nourishment that may be lacking from the food you eat. Some people are avid supporters of supplements and keep a variety in their medicine cabinet or at their desk at work so they never have to miss a dose, while there are still others who remain unsure of the benefits and are a little skeptical to try them because of some common misconceptions about the industry. We are here to bust those myths right open for you so make sure to read to the end and discover the truth behind these lies.

Myth #1: I Eat A Good Diet, I Don't Need Supplements

Truth – A well-balanced diet is a good start, but it does not mean that you are meeting all of your body’s nutritional needs. Nutrient needs can change and fluctuate because of age, health, stress and intense training. Consider supplements an insurance policy, one that fills in the gaps.

Myth #2: All Supplements are the Same Quality

Truth – Not all supplements are created equal. Different companies have different standards. Some companies rely on lower quality and purity of raw materials so they can provide a lower price. Don’t purchase supplements based on price. You may be throwing your money away. Instead, seek out the opinions of others and research the best-selling products.

Myth #3: Supplements Cause Many Side Effects

Truth - The majority of ingredients contained in supplements are found naturally in the human body, or in the food we eat. Proper supplementation yields very minimal side effects. You will be just fine if you stick to established brands and safe supplements

Myth #4:  Vitamins, minerals, and supplements are “magic bullets” for good health.

Truth -   If only there were a few pills we could take to prevent all diseases and guarantee good health for a lifetime! While a lovely dream, the reality is that wellness requires a combination of things. Many doctors and scientists generally agree that a wellness plan should include exercise, a well-balanced diet, vitamins and supplements, restful sleep, meaningful work, school and/or volunteering, relaxation, and enjoyable time spent with families and friends.


Myth #5: I don't need to diet or exercise if I'm taking a weight-loss supplement

Truth: If you want to shed pounds you’ll also need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Supplements act as a boost for weight loss efforts and not as a replacement. Most weight loss supplements and doctors recommend adequate exercise to enhance weight loss efforts.  

We hope we answered some of your burning questions while debunking those myths and satisfying your curiosity. Now you can see why supplements are so important to your health; however, they do not work as standalone solutions but with a combination of good lifestyle practices you can experience great health and be in the best shape of your life. Supplements should be selected based on your age, fitness goals, and nutritional needs among other factors. We know this may get a bit overwhelming for you so we can always count on us to bring you the right information to help guide your choices. Your health and wellness is important to us so stay tuned for more trusted advice so you can start the journey to being in the best shape of your life. 

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