The Ultimate Liquid Whole-Food Supplement - BioLife Plus, AlfaPlus & AlfaPlus Premium

The Ultimate Liquid Whole-Food Supplement - BioLife Plus, AlfaPlus & AlfaPlus Premium

BioLife Plus, AlfaPlus & AlfaPlus Premium

The Ultimate Liquid Whole-Food Supplement

What’s most important to you in life? Take a deep breath, sit back and take a moment to think deeply on this. Perhaps your inner circle of family and friends are the most important aspect of your life; nurturing, providing for them and creating memories together. Maybe you are a borderline workaholic, driven and career oriented, fighting your way to the top and an early retirement! Even still, you may be an adventure and adrenaline junkie who only feels alive when they’re scaling treacherous mountain passes or kayaking at sun up.

We all have our own special dreams and priorities in life but there is one important common denominator than runs throughout all: without vibrant health and energy, you won’t be able to enjoy or fully engage any of these pursuits! Health and happiness go hand in hand – without one you will never be able to fully enjoy the other.

Our modern world has become so fast paced and stressful that millions of Americans begrudgingly trudge through the steps of life. Weary eyed and overburdened they report to work, pick up groceries and the kids in the afternoon, make the most convenient meal possible, catch up with the Kardashians and Prime Time TV until bedtime. The week rolls by in similar fashion, not much more happens on the weekend and maybe once or twice a year there is a vacation. Fast forward until retirement and we find ourselves confused and disillusioned, wondering what happened and where the years went.

Search your heart and you will know it to be true – we deserve health and happiness as a birthright! Our days were meant to be filled with buoyant energy, love, excitement and abundance! We are not meant to be mindless and idle drones, nor is it acceptable to miss out on the experiences important to us!


Our mission is to help YOU build and maintain your health to its peak, so that you can engage this beautiful game of life as you please. Whether it’s having the energy to keep up with the kids, accomplish personal or career goals, we can help you to have the vigor required to make it happen. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our clients improve their quality of life with our products.

Through the study of biochemistry we know that humans require certain types and amounts of nutrients to sustain health and this is non-negotiable. No pharmaceutical drug can ever replace the biological necessity of nutrients. What’s more, masking the symptoms is not solving the problem! Drugs are a short-term solution to a long-term problem and we are dedicated to building long-term, sustainable and vibrant health. 

Long ago, our soils were enriched with minerals and nutrients. The average man, woman and child did not have a strong need for supplementation due to the wonderfully high soil quality. Mainly due to industrialized, high output farming practices, over time our soils have become stripped and depleted. This literally means that the food our grandparents ate was much more nutritious than what we can grow today. As such over the years, as our foods and diets have become less nutritious, the need for supplementation has increased.

We implement the time-honored wisdom of plant-based nutrition for many reasons. The biggest is that we are in the business of changing lives for the better – and no one’s life can be benefitted by synthetic, toxic substances. Biological availability (bioavailability) is the measure of how readily your body will properly digest and assimilate what you consume. We are organic products of nature and as such, organic natural substances are hungrily absorbed by the body. Synthetic ingredients can create problems on top of what is already pre-existing, as the body may treat them as a foreign or toxic substance. Poorly made supplements are notorious for having low bioavailability and if there is no effectiveness then why spend your hard earned money?

Our BioLife Plus, AlfaPlus and AlfaPlus Premium formulas are a richly potent whole-food supplement that contains plant-derived vitamins, minerals, enzymes, calcium and antioxidants. They are an exclusive, high quality formulation geared to support vibrant health and energy as a liquid multivitamin. Our BioLife Plus formula is used as the base for both the AlfaPlus and AlfaPlus Premium; from there we add wonderfully potent ingredients that make a great thing even better. The AlfaPlus has the addition of guarana and capsicum which enhances herbal potency and boosts performance for those individuals who lead extremely fast-paced lifestyles. 

AlfaPlus Premium pushes the envelope even further, with a substantial addition of the amino acid L-arginine. Arginine can greatly benefit our health in multiple ways. It is known to enhance immune function, by increasing the size and activity of the thymus gland. Arginine is also purported to enhance liver function and help detoxify the liver; even aiding against alcohol toxicity. Other wonderful known benefits of arginine include promoting muscle growth and the reduction of body fat. It helps to regulate the hormones and is a vital component of collagen, the bones and connective tissue. 

We use raw, enzymatically active Alfalfa juice as our liquid base and for great reason. Alfalfa is historically regarded as “Father of All Foods” and has an expansive root system that can penetrate over 100ft into the Earth’s soil. This deep-rooted penetration allows the plant to absorb a fantastic amount of nutrients that other plants simply cannot match! Alfalfa naturally contains the full spectrum of B-vitamins, vitamins A, D, E and K, plus a rich complex of essential and trace minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, copper and iron. Pushing the envelope even further, Alfalfa contains high levels of protein, amino acids, flavonoids and alkaloids!

The BioLife Plus formula has an incredible synergy amongst its ingredients. You may be interested to learn that within the human body, vitamins are rendered useless in the absence of minerals. Minerals are the required catalysts for countless biological processes and are essential components of our bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood and nerve cells. We carefully formulated BioLife Plus to not only deliver supplemental vitamins and nutrients, but also the necessary minerals to make use of them and from organic, plant-derived sources that are compatible with our biochemistry.

Taking things one step further, Alfalfa has the highest chlorophyll content of any plant. Chlorophyll is essentially the life-blood of plants, similar to our own hemoglobin and is what gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is also responsible for photosynthesis. It has the action of breaking down carbon dioxide and releasing free oxygen in the body, helping to inhibit the actions of harmful bacteria and toxins. Natural, plant-based chlorophyll can benefit healing, oxygenation of the body, cleansing the blood and detoxing. Why not take advantage of this amazing and natural gift?  

We take great pride in the production methods of our formulas and here are a few reasons why:

We use a cold press extraction method and it is for very important purposes. Many suppliers use alcohol, chemicals or extreme heat and pressure in their extraction process and we feel that it short changes you, the customer. It cuts down on costs for the manufacturer however it creates an inferior product lacking the vibrant, live enzymes and nutrients your body craves! Enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients and other beneficial phytochemicals can be destroyed through industrial processing methods as they literally cause detrimental physical and chemical structural changes. Cold press extraction allows us to protect these vital compounds and constituents, maintain their integrity and present to you a product of the highest possible quality!

Our liquid extracts are put through a very special process to create a colloidal solution. Essentially, a colloidal solution is a microscopically small substance that is equally dispersed throughout another material. Milk, for instance is technically a natural colloidal solution of liquid butterfat suspended throughout a water-based solution. By breaking the herbs and nutrients down into the tiniest of particles, our body can much more efficiently make use of them! This process makes digestion and assimilation of nutrients easier, as well as transporting them throughout the body. That benefits everyone but especially children, the elderly or the ill, which may have weaker digestive strength. 

To serve you the highest quality product possible, our liquid extracts utilize natural vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol or other harmful, intoxicating solvents. Enzymes, vital nutrients and constituents of herbal supplements are only valuable in their live, active state! As with heat, alcohol will destroy the bioavailability of the nutrients that your body requires for health. 

Natural vegetable glycerin preserves the active enzymes, aromatics, nutrients and valuable constituents rather than destroy them. The ingredients are suspended within glycerin’s molecular structure, protecting against evaporation and oxidation, maintaining incredible product integrity. Glycerin is also the only solvent that preserves taste and aroma. The taste and aroma of herbs and plants are created by terpenes; that’s what gives the unique scent to ginger, cinnamon, cloves, peppermint and so on. But they bring more than just aroma and flavor! Terpenes are the main component of plant resins and essential oils which also carry nutritional and therapeutic benefit to us, as seen in practices such as aromatherapy. The terpenes literally have pharmacological properties that benefit health and by utilizing glycerin, our liquid extracts deliver all of the active constituents to you in a fresh, high-quality product that stands above the rest!

Additionally, unlike alcohol, our natural vegetable glycerin converts to sugar in the body very slowly so it does not upset blood sugar levels. This is of paramount importance to those battling diabetes or need to maintain balanced blood sugar levels. 

Natural vegetable glycerin is also very gentle and lubricating, especially when taken internally. This means that individuals who have internal inflammation or ulcers within their gastrointestinal tract can safely enjoy our liquid extracts without worry of additional harm. Lastly, because glycerin is water soluble and can penetrate the cell membrane, we believe it is the ideal carrier to transport nutrients throughout your body!

For these reasons and more, our BioLife Plus formula is a powerfully effective and convenient way to deliver much needed supplemental nourishment to the body. In today’s hectic era, the mind and body are pulled into all sorts of crazy directions at once and if we wish to maintain health we must supplement wisely to restore balance. For the best results possible, please read on to learn about how combining BioLife Plus and our wonderful Bio-Cleanse formulas can supercharge your health. Toxins and waste inside the body can actively rob us of our energy and vitality; it is a great burden that should not be. Taking action here can vastly improve the health and vigor in your life! 



Our fast-paced, modern society has accumulated some real issues with intestinal disorders and the diseases that come as a result. The typical American diet has a large daily intake of toxins - over processed foods, white pastas and flours, preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics in livestock are among the biggest contributors. The bad news is that most of these toxins are stored in the colon, cell tissue, the blood and weak areas of the body. A wise man once said, “Death starts in the colon and health in the intestines.”

Would you be surprised to know that the average person carries at least 5-20+ pounds of old, decaying, toxin-producing matter inside them? Would you be even more surprised to learn that if left unchecked, it can accumulate to over FORTY pounds? That’s no light matter!


If great health is your aim - and I imagine it is - our bodies must be free of these toxins and waste matter. Over time, factors such as stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, lifestyle and drug consumption can deteriorate the natural health of the gastrointestinal tract. The ailments and diseases associated with poor gastrointestinal health include allergies, colitis, constipation, depression, diarrhea, diverticulitis, fatigue, frequent infection or sickness, colon polyps, indigestion, acid reflux, hemorrhoids, irritability, leaky gut syndrome, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcers and even skin problems such as acne! The gastrointestinal tract is not a particularly enjoyable subject to discuss, but it may be one of the most important. We live in a world where it has become common for people to have allergies, indigestion, fatigue or perhaps even some of the more serious issues. But how often do people consider that these ailments could be related to their digestive tract? 

That’s why this powerful information must be shared with our family and friends. Knowledge is power and as we raise the awareness of our people, we put the power back in their hands. No one is left to be an unsuspecting victim if we take a proactive approach to our health, collectively!


One of the most important bodily systems is the alimentary canal. It begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. An alimentary canal that is cleansed and strong is a requirement for achieving optimum health and that is also non-negotiable! If it is neglected, it can become damaged, inflamed and packed with hardened waste matter which will lead to illness. The typical American diet spurs high mucus production, which creates many health problems in itself. Ideally our diets would consist of at least 75% fresh, raw fruits and veggies. All other foods are mucus forming, at least slightly. Raw fruits and vegetables have the highest water content, are high in fiber and help to remove old waste and mucus from the body. This is especially important if a lot of "concentrated" foods are eaten. Regulating the food put into the body is the first step towards great health. 



What happens with mucus buildup is that over the years, thin layers and deposits of mucus form within the intestines. This sticky, rough surface leads to further accumulation of mucus. Over time it can literally create a hardened crust along the intestinal walls. This crust greatly reduces the effectiveness of what our intestines are designed to accomplish, which is primarily to remove waste produced by the body. What’s more, old fecal matter can become lodged against the mucus as well which over time, creates a thick layer of buildup that reportedly has the appearance of old, hardened tire rubber! Even worse, this crust can accumulate to be multiple inches thick and span the entire intestinal tract. Does that sound like something you want inside you?

From here, nutrient absorption becomes a real issue. With an accumulation of waste built up on the inner walls, the ability to properly assimilate nutrients and digest food becomes greatly diminished. The gunk lined over the intestinal walls interferes with the proper release of digestive enzymes and hormones. Moreover, due to the mucus overgrowth, food can get stuck to this sticky lining and rot in your intestines rather than undergo proper digestion. As you can imagine, this problem further compounds itself over time.

This destructive pattern can unfortunately lead to organ damage, or even worse, death. When the body reaches a point that is fighting a losing battle against toxic overload, in a panic it dumps the toxins to the weakest organ or body area. It’s like a high-speed, level 100 game of Tetris where you have to race against the clock to find room for all of your blocks. In time, from being so overburdened, the organ degenerates into various levels of organ failure.  And as traumatic as that sounds, it wouldn't be the end of the crisis! The toxic burden would then be pushed onto the next weakest organ or area. Further sickness and sadly, even death are potentially not far off. 

The bowels are challenged with the supreme burden of maintaining large concentrations of toxins. Combined, the large and small intestines are basically cauldrons of decaying matter that if not properly cleansed and purified, can poison the entire body. Toxicity, unfortunately, is a huge player in many ailments and diseases today. These are largely preventable issues, in that when properly maintained and nourished our bodies can fend off many of these dire situations.

The colon, once overloaded and overtaxed, begins throwing off these poisonous toxins into the bloodstream. Consider that the health of the colon will correlate to the health of your blood! For this reason, intestinal cleansing is a great starting point for detoxing and purifying the body. Once thoroughly cleansed and repaired, the intestinal tract is allowed greater absorption of nutrients and enhanced digestion. If you are going to buy health-promoting food or supplements, wouldn’t you prefer to have maximum assimilation of what you consume? 


It must be emphasized here that energy spent on the digestion process and fighting toxins in the blood, is energy robbed from other vital processes - such as repairing and healing the body. Instead of wasting energy on poor health, wouldn’t you rather recoup it to put towards accomplishing your mental and physical goals in life? 

For many the initial solution is to pursue commercial laxatives and bowel regulators. Please understand that these are habit forming and incredibly irritating to the bowels. Moreover they do not address the most important root issue, which is that we must cleanse the intestinal tract and bowels but also repair them to health. This requires proper nourishment with organic ingredients that are biologically available (bioavailable) to be assimilated. Often enough, taking pharmaceutical drugs will INCREASE toxicity in the body, further worsening the underlying problem!

For this we have formulated a truly herbal, natural and safe intestinal cleanser that is not habit forming. We pride ourselves in excluding fillers, sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish and preservatives from this formula. Bio-Cleanse is made of 15 wonderful herbal ingredients designed to cleanse the intestines of old fecal matter, undigested particles and mucus. They are also selected for benefitting the healing and regulating of the intestinal tract. Here's a few of the special ingredients with their appropriate benefit towards this formula:

  • Phyllium Seed - adds bulk and is wonderful at softening and absorbing old, hardened fecal matter.
  • Bentonite Clay - incredibly absorbent and when taken with plenty of water, helps to bring water to the colon which aids in softening and releasing the old matter. Its incredible absorption rate is also useful in collecting toxins and waste to be removed from the body.
  • Cascara Sagrada - spurs peristaltic muscle activation, helping to break loose old debris. It also helps to improve muscle strength of a weakened bowel.
  • Capsicum - useful as a bowel stimulator and as a catalyst to other herbs in the formula. There is wonderful research available showing capsicum to be a potent “bioenhancer,” which increases the effectiveness of any other herbs, drugs or medications when taken with it. The circulatory benefits help increase blood flow to the colon, bringing with it more nutrition and other healing nourishment. The anti-septic properties aid in combating harmful bacteria.
  • Aloe - helps to heal lesions in the alimentary canal.
  • Flax Seed Meal - contains oil that smooths the process of passing stools due to its lubrication of the bowels. Aids in softening and loosening old matter and also helping to carry out old waste.
  • Marshmellow - helps with bleeding piles, inflammation and irritation of the alimentary canal. Smooths the intestinal walls.
  • Peppermint – helpful to heal colon lesions; aids in regulating diarrhea and heal dysentery. Peppermint also carries antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antispasmodic and pain-relieving properties which can help neutralize toxins and pathogens while relieving painful inflammation.

This powerful formula also helps to restore circulation and oxygen on a cellular level and helps to calm and soothe the stomach and intestines.  It should be noted that any type of detox can bring about a "healing crisis." This is a result of the eliminatory organs not being able to keep up with how many toxins are being released into the bloodstream at once. It took years to accumulate all the old, hardened and decaying matter on the inside - it will take several months to remove it. 

A Powerful Synergy

Taking BioLife Plus and Bio-Cleanse together is an important combination. As your body begins detoxing it is put under a great deal of burden. The nutrients required to support vibrant health will be needed even more to offset this toxic load! BioLife Plus is a high quality, liquid multivitamin, mineral and enzyme powerhouse that delivers exceptional nourishment throughout the body. Illness, stress, poor diets, alcohol and detoxification both rapidly deplete the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals so it is crucially important to restore what has been lost. 


Taken together, these two wonderful products deliver a powerful synergy of detox and nourishment. By supporting the health of our gastrointestinal tract and supplying the body with all of the organic nutrients it needs to thrive, it can fire off on all cylinders the way it was designed to! When healthy, the body can generate its own sustainable energy to enjoyably accomplish our pursuits in life, without having a dependence on stimulants like energy drinks or caffeine.

There is a world of difference between just surviving… and truly THRIVING!

Which would you prefer?

Come Join The Living – it’s where you ought to be! 

If you have any questions related to nutrition or which BioLife products may be best for you, please feel free to reach us toll free at 1866-628-5433


The reader should consult a duly licensed and qualified physician for any condition that logically requires their services. This literature is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care and is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body. It is advised to consult with your licensed medical doctor before adding or removing supplements from the diet, as there may be interactions with items exclusive to you such as prescribed medications or pre-existing conditions. The author, publisher, printer and distributors accept no responsibility of such use described above.


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