What is Alfalfa?

What is Alfalfa?

Medicago Sativa or Alfalfa is a plant that belongs to the legume family. This product is high in nutritional value and many people eat the seeds, however, the green flowering plant is mostly dried and used in tablet form for supplementation. The alfalfa is a unique plant with roots that extend hundreds of feet into the ground and contains one of the highest mineral profiles of any plant on earth. The root contains bacteria with the proven ability to fix nitrogen and produces a high protein feed regardless of available nitrogen.  

Most legumes have the ability to do this and because alfalfa is so dense in nutrition it is cultivated across the world and is known as Lucerne in France, UK, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Alfalfa is one of the main ingredients in Biolife’s Alfa Plus Supreme and also the Biolife Greens Organic Powder, both supplement products contain a powerhouse of essential herbs and vegetables that have numerous vitamins and key minerals the body need.

Alfalfa is used to support healthy lactation in women as it has such a high nutritional profile; it is also great to optimize female hormonal balance. Studies have shown that Alfalfa leaves may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It has also been touted for its rich mineral content that helps to promote the healthy growth of hair, skin, and nail while providing a source of antioxidants.  This plant has a long history as a medicinal herb.  

Like many plants there have been a lot of claims associated with the use of this plant however it is still being studied, claims indicate that alfalfa may help allergies, thyroid problems, blood and liver toxicity and asthma it is also said to lessen the risk of heart attacks and may help with an inflamed prostate, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach issues, and diabetes. It is also purported to work as a diuretic. 

Alfalfa is generally considered safe when consumed by healthy people and increases the immune system functions. It contains a high amount of vitamin K and can reduce blood thinning. It is advised that if you are taking this supplement as with any other supplement you chose that you ask your health care provider how much you should take.

The Alfa Plus Supreme’s recommended dosage is two tablespoons in 8 oz. of water daily while you may enjoy the Biolife Greens Organic Powder by having one scoop in 6-8 oz. of your favorite beverage most people add it to their healthy shakes for a nutritional drink.



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