Why Should You Be Concerned With Inflammation?

Why Should You Be Concerned With Inflammation?

Many people, unfortunately, are unaware of the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Our dietary habits have a big impact on how much inflammation we have in our bodies. We'll go into inflammation and why you should be concerned in this blog. 

When your body detects something foreign, such as plant pollen, bacteria, or a toxin, your immune system is activated. Inflammation is often triggered as a result of this. The body uses short bursts of inflammation to ward off predators and protect our wellbeing.

Even if the foreign presents no significant danger, problems will occur if inflammation occurs. Inflammation will then become a health risk. Chronic inflammation has been attributed to a wide range of modern illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer's.

The most effective and efficient methods for combating and preventing inflammation come from the foods we pick, not from the pharmacy.

Inflammation-causing and anti-inflammatory foods

Choosing the right anti-inflammatory foods can help you reduce the chances of inflammation, while choosing the wrong ones all the time can hasten the inflammatory process.

Foods that cause inflammation

  • Refined carbs such as pasta, white bread and pastries.
  • Sugar is often found in sodas, candy, ice cream.
  • Saturated fat such as dairy, lard and french fries.
  • Red Meat and processed meats like sausage.

It is recommended that you avoid and restrict the foods mentioned above as much as possible.

Anti-inflammatory foods

You should try an anti-inflammatory diet by including the following items in your diet:

  • Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale
  • Nuts like walnuts and almonds
  • Tomatoes
  • Fruits like oranges
  • Berries 
  • Healthy fat from olives, avocado and coconut
  • Spices like turmeric

You should also try our Biolife products that promotes anti-inflammatory:

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