Uses of the Biolife Products

Dear Valued Customer,

Bio Life Plus has changed its formula and we want to keep you informed! You may have noticed a slight modification in our labeling, indicating our new and improved formula. Bio Life has always put out the best ingredients available but since we put premium in keeping our customers fit and healthy, we never stop in finding ways to further improve our products. Just for you!

Now for the informative yet mildly boring part … what makes this formulation different?


  1. It is denser and highly absorbable calcium in a vegetarian algae form.
  2. High Potency Garlic, you may notice a more intense flavor and smell.
  3. High Potency Vitamin B Complex, you may notice more of a golden coloring.

(It sounds like extra work, but it really isn’t considering the quality of the ingredients that are in these products)

Before you open this new formula:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Remove outer seal, cap, and inner seal.
  3. In your package, you will have a disposable Bamboo stir stick, use it to stir up the entire contents of the Bio Life Plus or Alfa Plus. Since the Calcium is denser and highly absorbable, you will notice that it will stick to the bottom of the bottle. Use your Bamboo stir stick to properly mix the calcium at the bottom of the bottle back into solution.
  4. Once you have stirred the calcium back into solution, replace the cap and shake well before taking.

PLEASE NOTE: When you take your new “White Label” Bio Life Plus or Alfa Plus it should look golden and creamy. If it looks transparent, kindly repeat steps 1-4 above because the calcium has resettled to the bottom of the bottle.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us toll free 1-866-628-5433. We are happy to assist you in achieving a healthy body.