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Gland Health Formula 1oz (Bio-GL)

Gland Health Formula 1oz (Bio-GL)

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Gland Health Formula Bio – GL


What is Gland Health Formula Bio – GL?

This is specially designed to keep your glands in the best shape possible and fights illnesses that will affect them. It is made from a variety of natural ingredients such as kelp which is very high in vitamins and provides nourishment to the body.

Top Reasons You Should Use Gland Health Formula

  • Nourishes the body while helping you to feel good overall
  • Helps you to feel energized
  • Helps to ward off infections so you will get healthy and stay healthy

Health Benefits of Gland Health Formula

  • Cleanses Lymph nodes
  • Reduces swelling of glands, throat and neck
  • Great for liver health
  • Boosts immune system and fights infections

Ingredients: Kelp, ginseng, echinacea, natural vegetable glycerin, parsley, gotu kola, licorice, dandelion, natural flavors.

Suggested use: 1 full dropperful daily or as needed.

Benefits of Ingredients


Kelp is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. In fact, it contains the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food - 10 times more than milk.


Researchers suggest that the following health benefits are linked to ginseng: Increased energy, sharper cognitive function, anti-inflammatory effects, treatment of erectile dysfunction, flu prevention, and lowering blood sugar. 


Echinacea is a very popular herb, and people commonly take it to help combat the flu and colds. It is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family - Asteraceae. It is also known as the American coneflower. Three species of Echinacea are used as herbal remedies.


Vegetable glycerin, also called glycerol, is made from soybean, coconut or palm oil, so it contains no animal products. Glycerin is used to keep foods moist, help mix oil- and water-based ingredients and sweeten foods. It also has some medical uses and may have some beneficial effects on hydration during exercise.


Parsley is an herb. The leaf, seed, and root are used to make medicine. Some people take parsley by mouth for bladder infections (UTIs), kidney stones (nephrolithiasis), gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, constipation, diabetes, cough, asthma, and high blood pressure.

Gotu Kola
Gotu kola is an herb in the parsley family. It is commonly used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. The above-ground parts are used to make medicine. Gotu kola is used for burns, a poor circulation that can lead to varicose veins (venous insufficiency), scars, stretch marks, and many other conditions but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.


Licorice root is used to soothe gastrointestinal problems. In cases of food poisoning, stomach ulcers, and heartburn, licorice root extract can speed the repair of the stomach lining and restore balance. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of glycyrrhizic acid.


People use dandelion for conditions such as swelling (inflammation) of the tonsils (tonsillitis), infections of the kidney, bladder, or urethra (urinary tract infections or UTIs), and many others, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

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