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Immune Booster (Bio-IM) 1oz

Immune Booster (Bio-IM) 1oz

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Immune Booster is designed to keep the immune system in top shape and fight off infections before they attack the body. It contains powerful natural ingredients such as garlic that stimulate the activity of white blood cells that are responsible for consuming pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and yeast.

This formula contains 10+ special herbs including garlic, echinacea, goldenseal, and pau d’arco; which have longstanding histories in this arena for strengthening the immune system. Garlic, for instance, has shown to stimulate the activity of white blood cells, which are responsible for consuming pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and yeast. Pau d’arco contains many powerful phytochemicals, including xyloidone which holds anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and lapachol, a potent antioxidant. Pau d’arco also carries anti-cancer, pain-relieving, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effects. Echinacea and goldenseal combine to help stimulate, enhance and protect the immune system while reducing inflammation and infection of mucous membranes.

Suggested use: 1 full dropperful daily or as needed.

Ingredients: Ginseng, echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, natural vegetable glycerin, asarum canadense, propolis, blue cohosh, slippery elm, uva ursi, yarrow, juniper berry, cascara Sagrada, mullein, bee pollen, capsicum, chaparral, saw palmetto, angelica, saffron, parsley, red clover, kelp, pau d’arco, natural flavors.

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